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To start, here is the message that was sent to me by a bingo player who tells us to summarize that "play bingo" means "have fun" and that the amount of money involved and so small that regne convivial atmosphere and friendly in the bingo halls in line Ha! bingo. see all those figures who parade ... Bingo is the most popular game of the moment. It requires no knowledge, but very lucky .


Women love BINGO! If we lose, we can say that luck was not on his side this time but it certainly will turn next time. It is completely different games that the available on the net in the so-called "play money" there, it is different you can install and start playing while chatting with your friends on a cat it talks cooking, daily life, passion, etc..


There is no competition between the players there is no spirit of competition as one might find in poker for example. Bets are much more minimal in the bingo, it does not play bingo to win the jackpot but to have a good time with friends. As against fear not, ladies and gentlemen, men are very well received in the various bingo halls in France or on the Internet So, bingo !


how to play bingo: the rules


Bingo is a game very popular in big cities to small villages, it is a highly anticipated moment.each player can purchase one or more cards sometimes called "cardboard" These cards are composed of three lines of five numbers each and every card includes random numbers. The game begins with the extraction of the first issue by the "town crier" ie one who draws and announces the number drawn.The players then diovent check or mark the number drawn by lot. We note also that to make bingo more picturesque, the auctioneer often accompanies tiragre number of specific comments with us cite as an example for the 90, "the Pope" .more numbers are selected at random until someone gets a line of five complete number, the player wins then the gain at stake . the auctioneer may also announce a full part in cartons also called bingo you must complete the three lines of five numbers and very strong shout "Bingo" to win the lot at which the full board and generally a big lot.Bref though only the chance will help you win at bingo.


Play to Onlinebingo-fr.net

The largest of all the bingo happens is the Onlinebingo-fr.net Do not hesitate, we heat the hands and the mouse, because here we go! Bets online bingo will be a tendency on 770! A simple recipe that might give us great emotions, 7.70 euros are offered free to test Onlinebingo-fr.net plus a bonus of 100% first deposit offered, Miser, select, and win! all these numbers will make us addicted to bingo! Mixture of emotion, passion and design make us dream! Sensation guaranteed games for this madness!


And this super jackpot waiting his win! A stroll on the Champs Elysées bingo: Friends you make and the joy you share with its chat system, you share a good time with other players why not become your friend (s)! On the other center ahead, catch the fever generally 770 bingo! For several of the parties is happiness! congratulation to 770 for this "king" of online Bingo, for this atmosphere on the game, we all want to spend our evenings, to cling to the start of the game


Online bingo.EU

Bingo is back and is no longer considered a game of grandmother! This game, so popular there are still some time now attract men and women around the world on the net. Traditionally used as a formidable fundraising, Bingo has always been a way to meet people in church halls or community centers.


Thanks to the Internet, bingo can be played in an entirely different atmosphere, the game actually keeps its traditional charm while attracting a broader audience. Bingoday perfected the majority of its functions to become THE reference Bingo on the internet. ginning, you will be charmed by the welcome bonus of 200% up to $ 200 deposit for 1 or 25% Bonus up to $ 100 for each additional deposit. simple and quick to install, to play for free download flash, secure payments, fast and easily in more than one customer service quality will be recognized by all of BingoDay experience successful. Best Online Bingo Now you can choose from one of the Bingo Day Bingo four rooms beautifully designed.


Three rooms are equipped with 90 balls and the fourth room of 75 balls. the customer service available 24/24 and 7 / 7 will be there to assist you by phone or online chat. Are you a fan of Bingo and start in online games? Bingo online for you a way to combine the pleasure of the game while traditional knowledge with other players around the world share your passion with the Bingo chat online! Gaining sleeping! A new "auto-buying" allows you to determine your budget and let the computer do the shopping for you at any time of day or night.


Play on Stress Growth Bingo Day is also equivalent to even bigger prizes and more chances to win. In addition to the new design, new options and customer service already winning Playtech software and the famous network BingoLand met to make BingoDay THE meeting place for all Bingo lovers. BingoDay on the gain is assured!




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